chouiter is one village far away from marrakech,morocco about 24km chouiter is very amazing village and have a lot of olive trees and a lot of birds and a lot of cats and people there have a good reception between each other and have normaly houses  and all the people here they're normally also 

#welcome #to #chouiter < MHIDO TOWN > 


a lot of moroccan villages houses looks like that because the people here they like normally houses and after they make red color for them houses 

this season is one of the most important seasons for moroccan farmers because they planting a lot of seasonal vegetables and fruits like 

chili and tomato and eggplant and pumpkin and mint and okra and melon and a lot of another seasonal vegetables 

tagin is one of most important and very famous moroccan food and in the world also and tajin is symbol of the symbols of morocco and impossible to visit morocco without eating moroccan tagin  

okra is one of the most amportant  vegetable in Moroccan cuisine and has many beneficial benefits good for body like : weight loss and Maintain the power of sight and Prevention of cancer and a lot of benefits important for body